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hpr3641 :: Turntable audio capture Part 2

I revise previous capture scripts

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Hosted by Archer72 on 2022-07-18 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
audio, capture, vinyl, audacity, mp3splt, arecord, ffmpeg, wav, flac. (Be the first).

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Duration: 00:05:54


Update to HPR 3507

hpr3507 :: USB Turntable fix and sound journey

echo "Record name?"
read record
echo "Which side is this?"
read side

arecord --device='hw:CARD=CODEC,DEV=0' --rate=96000 --channels=2 --vumeter=stereo --duration=1500 --format=dat --file-type wav $record"_Side_"$side.wav

 echo "Record name"
 read record
 echo "Which side is this?"
 read side

arecord --device='hw:CARD=CODEC,DEV=0' --rate=96000 --channels=2 --vumeter=stereo --duration=1500 --format=dat --file-type wav - | flac - -o $record"_Side_"$side.flac

Used hw:CARD=CODEC,DEV=0 derived from 'arecord -L'

hw:CARD=CODEC,DEV=0 USB Audio CODEC, USB Audio Direct hardware device without any conversions

arecord manpage


-f --format=FORMAT

    Sample format
    Recognized sample formats are: S8 U8 S16_LE S16_BE U16_LE U16_BE S24_LE S24_BE U24_LE U24_BE S32_LE S32_BE U32_LE U32_BE FLOAT_LE FLOAT_BE
    S20_3BE U20_3LE U20_3BE S18_3LE S18_3BE U18_3LE

    Some of these may not be available on selected hardware
    The available format shortcuts are:

    -f cd (16 bit little endian, 44100, stereo) [-f S16_LE -c2 -r44100]
    -f cdr (16 bit big endian, 44100, stereo) [-f S16_BE -c2 -f44100]
    -f dat (16 bit little endian, 48000, stereo) [-f S16_LE -c2 -r48000]

    If no format is given U8 is used.

-d, --duration=#
    Interrupt after # seconds. A value of zero means infinity. The default is zero, so if this option is omitted then the arecord process will run until it is killed.

-t, --file-type TYPE
    File type (voc, wav, raw or au). If this parameter is omitted the WAVE format is used.


hpr2881 :: Automatically split album into tracks in Audacity

Changes as of 5-20-2022

  • Old way : Select the entire track and select Analyze > Silence Finder
  • Update : Select the entire track and select Analyze > Label Sounds

Label sounds menu
Label sounds menu
Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image

Silence detection options
Silence detection options

HowTo: Split MP3s by silence detection using mp3splt

mp3splt -s -p th=-40,min=6,rm

Parameters explanation:

'-s': silence mode; activate silence detection
'-p': specify arguments for the silence mode
'th=-40': threshold level (dB) to be considered silence
'min=6': minimum number of seconds to be considered as splitpoint
'rm': remove silence from splitted files

What worked for me

mp3splt -s -p th=-30,min=0.5,rm $1

Fix tracks not splitting

  • Manually seek the silence in mplayer/mpv
  • Note the silent areas
  • Cut with ffmpeg ie.
    • ffmpeg -i track.flac -ss 00:03:05 -to 00:06:00 -acodec copy track-cut1.flac


How to rip vinyl in Manjaro


Man pages

Youtube downloader

Screen capture of youtube link download on YTGram
Screen capture of youtube link download on YTGram
Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image

Sample album

J̲o̲urney - D̲eparture̲ (Full Album) 1980


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