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hpr3604 :: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX Part 01- Let's Talk About PEX - Introduction

Introduction to PEX

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Hosted by Trey on 2022-05-26 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX

Part 01- Let's Talk About PEX - Introduction

Why? My story

  1. Why am I posting about plumbing on HPR? "Of interest to hackers"
    1. I find it interesting
    2. We like to learn new things
    3. We like to understand
      1. How things work
      2. How things break
      3. How to use non-standard approached to solve problems
    4. Others can learn from my experience, troubleshooting process, etc...
    5. I had fun creating the episode titles.
  2. Pinhole leaks in copper pipe
    1. Causes – Note plumbing is around 40 years old and original to house
    2. Poor quality copper Shoddy installation
    3. Failure to de-bur pipe before soldering
    4. Not properly hung from joists
      1. Pipe on pipe
      2. Pipe on steel wire
    5. Bad soldering technique
      1. Lumpy solder
      2. Flux residue
      3. Excessive flux
    6. Hard water
      1. Only some neighbors experiencing the same issue, and their houses were constructed by the same builder.
    7. Learn more about copper pipe corrosion
      1. How to Stop Copper Pipe Corrosion - This Old House YouTube Channel
    8. High Water Pressure
      1. Normal = 60-80 PSI
      2. Tested at 63 PSI = GOOD!!
    9. Damage
    10. Water leaks caused damage to drywall in parts of my house and to items stored in my garage.
    11. Leaks in some areas can sometimes go unidentified for long enough to do extensive damage and even lead to dangerous mold growth.
  3. Possible solutions
    1. Short term
    2. Patch
      1. Epoxy kits
      2. Can be inconsistent
      3. May not bond to corroded pipe
      4. Some require turning off water and dry pipes
      5. Water activated tape
      6. Access around pipe
      7. May not bond to corroded pipe
      8. Some require turning off water and dry pipes
      9. Solder on patch
      10. Expensive
      11. Requires clean dry pipe exterior
      12. Requires draining the pipe
      13. Might as well cut out the leaking section and replace
      14. Repair Clamps
      15. Fast
      16. Strong
      17. Can be used while pipe is under pressure
      18. Minimal clearance needed
      19. Examples
    3. Long Term
    4. Repair copper
      1. Cut out damaged section and replace using SharkBite fittings
      2. Expensive
      3. Cut out damaged section and solder in new section of pipe
      4. Expensive
      5. Time consuming
      6. Many areas of corrosion visible
      7. Whack-a-mole - Where & when will next leak occur?
    5. New copper
      1. Expensive
      2. Difficult
      3. Time consuming
    6. PVC
      1. Still difficult – rigidity
    7. PEX
      1. Comparatively inexpensive
      2. Flexible and easy to install
      3. Can use existing copper pipe as support structure
      4. Can completely redesign with a manifold


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Comment #1 posted on 2022-05-26 01:37:40 by Lurking Prion

Made my heart happy!

I started out as an MM in the Navy and this episode was right up my alley! Many days playing with industrial and residential "plumbing" and more than my fair share of playing with a torch ("no it isn't really on fire"...yet). PEX is awesome and it makes life a lot better and extra manifolds are a necessity if you plan on doing any substantial upgrades (bathroom) in the future. Thank you and I look forward to hearing more!

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