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hpr3294 :: Update to MakeMKV to back up media

Update to MakeMKV to back up media, now on Raspberry Pi

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This is an update on my previous episode hpr3179 :: MakeMKV to back up media.

In the past month, has been updated to include Raspberry Pi support.


It was a very uneventful "It's here"

MakeMV on Raspberry Pi (ARM)
MakeMV on Raspberry Pi (ARM)
Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image


Unpack both packages and starting from source package and do the following steps:

For makemkv-oss package:

sudo make install

For makemkv-bin package:

sudo make install

Install ccextractor and necessary packages

sudo apt install libtesseract-dev autoconf sysconftool

git clone
cd ccextractor/linux/

nnn: command line file browser with vim-like keybindings

Script to rip TV episodes

#echo "Series?"
echo "Series: $series"
echo "What Season is this?"
read season
echo "Season: $season"
echo "Which disc # is this?"
read disknum
echo "This is disk #$disknum"
echo "Starting with which episode?"
read episode

eject -x20
mkdir ""disc."$disknum"
makemkvcon mkv --progress=-same --minlength=2100 disc:0 all ""disc."$disknum"
cd ""disc."$disknum"

for track in *.mkv
  mv $track $series"_S"$season"_D"$disknum"_E"$episode.mkv

cd ..

Script to convert multiple episodes

mkdir encoded
for i in *.mkv
  HandBrakeCLI --first-subtitle --subtitle-default=none -i $i -o "encoded"/"`basename -s .mkv $i`.mkv"

Before and after the rename loop

Before rename
Before rename

After rename
After rename


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