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hpr4117 :: JAMBOREE !

Java Android Magisk Burp Objection Root Emulator Easy (JAMBOREE)

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Hosted by operat0r on 2024-05-14 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
android,powershell,windows,pentesting,AI,llm. (Be the first).

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Java Android Magisk Burp Objection Root Emulator Easy (JAMBOREE)
Get a working portable Python/Git/Java environment on Windows in SECONDS without having local administrator, regardless of your broken Python or other environment variables. Our open-source script downloads directly from proper sources without any binaries. While the code may not be perfect, it includes many useful PowerShell tricks.

Run Android apps and pentest without the adware and malware of BlueStacks or NOX.

Features / Request
Core        Status
RMS:Runtime Mobile Security ✔️
Brida, Burp to Frida bridge ❌
SaftyNet+ Bypass    ❌
Burp Suite Pro / CloudFlare UserAgent Workaround-ish    ✔️
ZAP Using Burp  ✔️
Google Play ✔️
Java    ✔️
Android 11 API 30   ✔️
Magisk  ✔️
Burp    ✔️
Objection   ✔️
Root    ✔️
Python  ✔️
Frida   ✔️
Certs   ✔️
AUTOMATIC1111   ✔️
AutoGPT ✔️
Bloodhound  ✔️
PyCharm ✔️
OracleLinux WSL ✔️
Ubuntu/Olamma WSL   ✔️
Postgres No admin   ✔️
SillyTavern ✔️
Volatility 3    ✔️
Arduino IDE / Duck2Spark    ✔️
Youtube Downloader Yt-dlp   ✔️

How it works:
Temporarily resets your windows $PATH environment variable to fix any issues with existing python/java installation
Build a working Python environment in seconds using a tiny 16 meg Python binary and portable PortableGit. Our solution doesn't require a package manager like Anaconda. I would like to make it even easier to use but I don't want to spend more time developing it if nobody is going to use it! Please let me know if you like it and open bugs/suggestions/feature request etc! You can contact me at !

Installation/Requirements ( For Android AVD Emulator) :
Local admin just to install Android AVD Driver:
HAXM Intel driver ( )


AMD ( )

Put ps1 file in a folder
Rightclick Run with PowerShell


From command prompt

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "[scriptblock]::Create((Invoke-WebRequest "").Content).Invoke();" More infomation on bypass Root Detection and SafeNet

( Watch the Video Tutorial below it's a 3-5 min process. You only have to setup once. After that it's start burp then start AVD )

Burp/Android Emulator (Video Tutorial )
Update Video with 7minsec Podcast!


(Video Tutorial)


USB Rubber Ducky Scripts & Payloads Python 3 Arduino DigiSpark


Old payloads:

PhreakNIC 24: Java Android Magisk Burp Objection Root Emulator Easy (JAMBOREE)



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