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hpr3944 :: Race for the Galaxy

Tuula explains very basics of card game called Race for the Galaxy

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Hosted by Tuula on 2023-09-14 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
race for the galaxy, card game. (Be the first).

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Race for the galaxy

Race for the galaxy is a four player card game published by Rio Grande Games.

The goal of the game is to build a space imperium and the player with most victory points wins.

There's also a computer version of the game, which saves you from packing up the game after playing.

Turn sequence

There are five phases in turn:

  • Explore
  • Develop
  • Settle
  • Consume
  • Produce

At the beginning of turn, every player selects one of these phases and selections are revealed simultaneously. Only selected phases will be played. Player who selected a phase gets a small bonus.


  • draw two cards and keep one
  • bonus: draw five cards and keep one
  • bonus: draw one additional card and keep one additional card


  • place development card in play and discard cards from your hand to cover the cost
  • bonus: -1 to cost


  • place a planet card in play and discard cards from your hand to cover the cost
  • except military planets, which you'll conquer with your military score
  • if it's a windfall world, produce on it


  • use consume powers on cards to turn good into victory points
  • you have to keep consuming until you can't anymore
  • bonus: trade one goods card for 2-5 cards
  • bonus: 2xVPs gain twice the victory points


  • produce on regular planets
  • bonus: produce on windfall planet

repeat until:

  • one empire is 12 cards big
  • VP tokes run out


  • points for cards on the table
  • cards in the hand (+1 for each)
  • VPs earned

special rules

  • cards on the table
  • draw extra cards
  • trade goods on planets
  • add up your military score
  • settle planets for cheaper
  • have bigger empire limit
  • produce on a windfall planet after discarding a card
  • etc.

Examples of cards

Star nomad raiders

  • military 2 planet, worth 1 vp
  • +1 to military
  • +2 cards when trading goods

Terraforming robots

  • development 3, worth 2 vp
  • draw 1 card after placing a world
  • discard 1 rare elements good to gain 1 card and 1 vp

Public works

  • development 1, worth 1 vp
  • draw 1 card after placing a development
  • discard 1 good to gain 1 vp


All expansions add new cards.

The gathering storm

  • goals (first and most)
  • extra player

Rebel vs. Imperium

  • solo play
  • take over (conquer other player's worlds)
  • extra player

Brink of War

- prestige
  • counts as VP in the end
  • can be used to perform actions
  • requires two previous expansions

Alien Artifacts

  • incompatible with previous expansions
  • 49 cards representing alien orb players can explore
  • balance between expanding and exploring


  • fun and quick game
  • every player concentrates on their own imperium
  • keep an eye what opponent is doing (trading / military)
  • cards are dense with information


In closing

- questions, comments, feedback?


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