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hpr3866 :: Introducing myself

I discovered HPR at FOSDEM 2023 and want to join the party

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Hosted by Ryuno-Ki on 2023-05-29 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
introduction. 1.

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Hello, my name is André Jaenisch. You can find myself online under Ryuno-Ki as well.

This is my first episode on Hacker Public Radio!
It is recorded on 8th May 2023 using Audacity.
It is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

Today I want to introduce myself.
I'm a web developer for ten years now and recently turned into a freelancer.
My area of expertise is with Frontend technologies, although I also know Node.js and Python. I taught myself these languages because my studies in mathematics did not cover them.
During my studies I switched to GNU/Linux. I started with Ubuntu but discovered that I prefer Rolling Release distributions more. So I jumped to Sabayon Linux which was based on Gentoo back then but pre-compiled the binaries while staying compatible. Now they decided to turn into another direction so I was looking for another home. I tried Gecko Linux based on openSUSE for a while until they had bad news in the press. I'm currently running Kaisen Linux which is based on Debian Bookworm.

Speaking of, I love to read. I have whole shelves filled with books here.
There is so much to learn from books even in the age of the Internet. I enjoy that they have a finite amount of content you can walk through.

I learned about Hacker Public Radio at FOSDEM 2023. When I mentioned that I have a RODE NT-USB microphone at home already I was encouraged to contribute to the show. Now I have been listening to the podcast since the beginning of the year and already heard some of the emergency shows. I noticed that the hackers on the show are mainly from the United States. I hope you welcome people from other parts of the world as well.

I'm from Germany in Europe. A beautiful place to live and I bet as diverse as in the States when it comes to the landscape. We have more than Berlin and Bavaria here!

I'm not quite sure what kind of content you would love to hear about. I have the requested topics page in front of me and could talk about different items. For example, my first smartphone ever was a Firefox OS (I still have it. As well as a tablet).
I switched to Android with F-Droid when Mozilla was cancelling the project. I'm running on a Fairphone here, which is a small Dutch manufacturer that already managed to move the whole industry into a more sustainable direction. Because we produce lots of waste. So I could talk about that.

Or I could talk about building things for the web. Usually I blog about that because I feel like text feels more natural to it. But then I saw that some episodes contained code snippets in the show notes.

I could talk about mathematics. We don't have enough podcasts about math! My focus was on statistics and numerics so that might be interesting?

What I would love to hear more about is music theory. You see I haven't learned to play an instrument in my life. Mainly because those are expensive. My personal taste goes more into heavy metal but I'm not sure whether you would call me a fan. What does make a metalhead anyway? But in order to improve my game development having some sort of music and sound effects is important. So I was really enjoying the episode 3792 on reading music sheets. I lend some books on the library to learn more. These subjects weren't covered in depth in my school days!

Another subject I would like to learn more about is electronics. Especially repairing one's computers. Look, I'm using ThinkPads since years now. I have a X250 (from FOSDEM) in current use. But I also have a X200 and a T520 gathering dust here. Mainly because something „broke” with the hardware and I'm too afraid to crack them open.
Then there's a HP Pavilion standing under my desk to wait for repair. And even one of the old machines from the DOS era with an original Lemmings installed! But I have no idea how to refurbish them into a bootable state. Do you have ideas?

I'm sharing my homepage as well as my e-mail address in the show notes. I would really love to hear back from you.

I feel like I already touched on different ideas today, but looking at the time the recording is rather short. Personally I can tune into episodes up to 30 minutes best, so I will try to respect this threshold myself.


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Comment #1 posted on 2023-05-12 10:30:13 by Archer72

Show Ideas

First of all, welcome here, it was a good introductory show. You mentioned four topics that would be interesting to a lot of listeners Web development/Coding Mathematics Music Theory Electronics pertaining to computer repair On Music theory, I would also like to hear more. As a child of 12 years, I did play the piano, but did not go far with it. With that I can still play a few notes. With electronics, less of my experience is in computer repair. More of this is repairing electronics in a factory setting, although knowledge here is not what it could be. Maybe not you but another host might like to do one on Arduino. Again, limited experience here, but this would be an interesting avenue to explore. Archer72

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