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hpr3433 :: A Squirrels thoughts about RMS

RMS and the subject of freedom

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Hosted by Zen_Floater2 on 2021-09-29 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
RMS,Pedophilia,BEER. 8.

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This podcast was provided by Zen_Floater2 in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this podcast are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Hacker Public Radio.
Shownotes Edited by Ken on 2021-09-11T14:35:19Z to include disclaimer.

A Squirrels thoughts about freedom and RMS.

I also cover guns on aircraft. I cover smoking on aircraft.

And I cover drinking beer on aircraft.

And COBOL as well.


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Comment #1 posted on 2021-10-02 05:08:36 by Ben


Moves to legalize pedophilia in europe? Where did you hear that from, breitbart? I live here, I should have heard about something like that, but so far everything goes in the opposite direction, towards more child protection, and there're even some discussions about raising the age of consent (it's been forteen since the concept existed, which was way before even you were arround). As for cigarettes and beer on airplanes: your freedom stops where my rights begin, and I feel I do have the right not to be covered in drug gunk and beer (carbonated drink don't work to well in low cabin pressure)
Comment #2 posted on 2021-10-03 10:24:32 by archer72

Good call, Ken

That was a good call, putting a disclaimer on this episode. There was about 1 minute in that were facts about RMS, then devolved. This was one in which I could not finish, as I am a parent like a lot of us in our little 'hacker space'. I find the subject of pedophilia disgusting and to most, I would imagine, no appropriate here.
Comment #3 posted on 2021-10-04 23:41:08 by Zen_floater2

Reply to Ben

France legalized Pedophillia : see article. France becomes latest EU nation to legalize Pedophilia France follows a similar move in Germany to legalize Pedophillia - Age of consent to be 15 years of age.
Comment #4 posted on 2021-10-04 23:45:51 by Zen_floater2

Reply to archer72

I made the title of the show "A Squirrels thoughts about RMS" and the subject line reads "RMS and the subject of freedom" specifically because I wanted to cover RMS's free speech rights being rejected by a commuinity. And wanted to talk about that 'community's' actions in causing damage to Richard Mathew Stallmans person. The show, should you have listened to it all the way, was not about Pedophilia explicitly but rather about the violation of RMS's rights as a person under the law.
Comment #5 posted on 2021-10-05 16:30:10 by Ken Fallon

Disapointed with this show

I added that warning following a complaint from a listener. Our guidelines are "If you feel that your show will be considered inoffensive in every region of the world then you can signal that when you upload the show." This was not done in this case. Having now listened to the show myself, I want everyone to know that I personally do not in any way endorse or support the opinions in this show. I am very disappointed with this show. I am sure that HPR would appreciate shows that covered these contentious topics - provided they were handled with care, compassion and without insulting anyone.
Comment #6 posted on 2021-10-05 16:57:25 by Bob

Deliberately misleading ?

I thought HPR was "dedicated to sharing knowledge", so why is this host distorting the truth ? Q: Did France pass "a law saying having sex with a child is okay"? A: No. The country already didn’t have a legal consent age. The new law makes it easier to file rape charges against adults who have sex with those 15 or younger.
Comment #7 posted on 2021-10-05 18:36:52 by Zen_floater2

Reply to Ken Fallon

Ken, I flagged the show using the supplied, is flagged as Explicit " switch which is provided on the website. It seems I don't understand the difference in what your requesting and this switch for Explicit content. Offense is in the eye's of the beholder. Frankly, anyone can be 'offended' by anything Ken. The term offended is highly subjective and easily pulled. If you feel this show is too much of a burden for you then by all means, delete the show. If however you want to keep the show to use as an example to others, then keep the show. Either way, I promise you that "I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED", not offended in any way. It's just a show Ken... :}
Comment #8 posted on 2021-10-22 12:13:29 by Ben

Reply to #4

Better late than never, I guess. The source you give is questionable at best. As Bob pointed out, France doesn't have a age of consent, so the law actually added one, even thou it is defined weaker than in the US. As for Germany: as I said, it already IS 14. And it won't change, because 14 is also the start of (limited) legal liability, and germans generally don't consider the idea of "no sex until marriage", and teenagers shouldn't have to go to jail for trying themselves out (Rape is a different story, because the lack of CONSENT). There is no recent move, and no movement, and the cited attorney doesn't even exist, which should be a red flag, no matter the stories content!

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