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hpr3414 :: Critical Thinking may make You Critical of the Covid Crisis

Some Science YOU can observe about covid fallacies, and some preventative medicine.

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Hosted by CoGo on 2021-09-02 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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The homeless weren't affected as much as other segments of the population. This Radiolab episode suggests that healthy vitamin D3 levels from being out in the sun often may be the reason.

A hospital in Spain did a double blind study, solid science. In this study, before any vaccines were available for covid, vitamin D3 made the difference between a 7.6% death rate due to covid, and a 0% death rate with vitamin D3. This YouTube video gets very technical, but tells the story.

Back in the 60s, body temperature's effect on fighting viruses was known, that knowledge was lost for a time because of scientists who spoke out, not knowing the whole story, but in 2003, in the aftermath of the previous covid outbreak, a doctor from China documented the need for body heat to fight off covid. Even so, medical professionals in New York set up a covid triage in Central Park during a season when the daytime temperature was in the 50s, and night time temperature was much colder. Just having a PhD behind your name doesn't make you right.


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Comment #1 posted on 2021-09-02 14:22:24 by Trey

Controversial topic... Love it!

Hopefully this will spur some interesting discussions, and maybe further shows. Thank you for sharing.
Comment #2 posted on 2021-09-03 15:08:53 by drad

Great Episode!

I appreciate this episode, regardless of your view critical thinking is key (for COVID and everything else in life). Great information that I hope will make people think and possibly do some research of their own.
Comment #3 posted on 2021-09-09 16:02:59 by Barbara Ann Walko


Thank you for this beneficial information about COVID and the benefits of Vitamin D3
Comment #4 posted on 2021-09-09 17:50:18 by Joel

Excellent analysis!

So much about this 'pandemic' has been very questionable. The Scientific Method demands observations from various perspectives. That hasn't happened this time: anyone deviating from the politically-correct narrative was ignored, called names, or shouted down. Coercion, bribery and threats to get 'the jab' are suspect. Where were directions on prevention and treatments? CoGo mentions Vitamin D. This parallels my findings on prevention; zinc also turns up in my research. Big pharma is making big dollars on this event. And as mentioned in this episode, an even more nefarious agenda may be happening than mere $ profit. I heard it said that America is suffering from a lack of conspiracy theories! This is because most of what was initially called conspiracy theory has mostly become truth recently! So yes: critical thinking and research are required in our unusual times. Thank you CoGo.
Comment #5 posted on 2021-10-16 06:10:59 by e8hffff

Common Sense

This is a perfect example of common-sense thrown out the window. A bane of the world today. You should never dispose of common-sense and replace it with mathematics. Mathematics, and when used is statistical pursuit, can only attempt to simulate scenarios from data supplied, or framed pictures of their very construction. Common sense is science, that of observed commonalities and events, even if labelled as anecdotal(said in conversation, wives tales, etc). Masks are not advantageous as you are complicating a situation of natural body design, that of expelling toxins through the nose and hoping to breath in cleaner air. Masks unquestionably increase viral/bacterial load. Therefore creating spreaders. With the higher loads, comes elevate deaths and ailments, creating erroneous lethargy statistics for any said virus. That can result in political overreach/oversight as seen in CoVID19. The benefit of reducing virus particles with a mask is outweighed by the damages they cause. Common sense. No you don't need a PubMed article to comprehend that. Also consider some people correctly breath though their filtering nose, and other incorrectly through their mouth. Masks complicate breathing for those properly using nose, and espouse mouth use. On weather seasons having an effect on viruses and contagion. You don't need to search for lab papers on cold weather and viruses susceptibility to disprove summer protections. Common sense should tell you that viruses are naturally burnt out of the body via a "temperature". Therefore Summer can only assist in raising the body's heat when infected, causing fast mitigation. This includes hot baths. You would also easily say moisture assists in virus survivable in the environment, making cold moist weather a disadvantage health. Also consider your stance is based on trust of politician and science workers and industry. That is unquestionably a flawed stance.
Comment #6 posted on 2021-10-30 12:10:14 by Dave Morriss

Response to e8hffff, comment #5

I assume you're commenting on show 3445, which is a response to this show 3414. You are of the opinion that common sense outweighs the knowledge achieved through the scientific method. History seems to disagree. The "common sense" prior to the discovery of "germs" resulted in the death of many who would have survived if hand-washing had been more common, for example. There are huge numbers of similar examples. You make an assertion about masks, which I disagree with. You assert that your view outweighs the research we cited in show 3445 yet your only support for this is that you state it. This seems typical of the current trend to put forward opinion as superior to fact. You mistake trust in the scientific method and the results that this method produces, in comparison to those who misrepresent this method and these results for their own agendas and profits. Agreed that many politicians, industrialists and even some dishonest scientists are known to do this. However, where human beings may sometimes be unreliable the properly conducted and peer reviewed scientific method is not.
Comment #7 posted on 2021-10-30 13:17:33 by bob


Both e8hffff and CoGo are arguing like lads in a pub. Sure their arguments makes some sort of sense when you've had a few pints. In the cold light of day you find yourself wondering just how drunk you were. On those occasions I vowed - "Never again". Great advice to both.

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