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hpr3242 :: The eternal battle over how to run your chromebook is about to begin

Squirrel VS ALIEN Chromebook discussions

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Hosted by Zen_Floater2 on 2021-01-05 is flagged as Explicit and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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As usual, I have botched up the show notes where they make absolutely no sense and I fully expect the ENTIRE HUMAN COMMUNITY from HPR to attack me endlessly over my incompetence. They just keep forgetting that I'm a squirrel who lives in a magical forrest and not a human being and therefore does terrible show notes,

There were so many issues brought up about chromebooks and chromiumOS that I could not prepare a detailed list of them all.

This ENTIRE conversation was derived from the work found on GNU WORLD ORDER episode 383 for which you will find his show notes AS::: "Linux, Flatpaks, Android apps, and ChromiumOS on a Lenovo Chromebook."

Now, if you don't like my show notes and you do like this aliens show notes, then may I suggest your anti-squirrel and you need to be sent to a de-programming camp for rehabilitation.

Remember, squirrels represent planet earth.


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Comment #1 posted on 2021-01-06 13:56:31 by Ken Fallon


Do you have a link to the Video referenced.
Comment #2 posted on 2021-01-07 02:24:21 by Klaatu

Cool skills

I am impressed by your Chromebook skills. Teach me your ways.
Comment #3 posted on 2021-01-08 17:34:24 by Kevin O'Brien

I loved the show

Fabulous show, and interesting concept of using Klaatu's show and adding to it. It was so interesting I am working on my own follow-up to add to the conversation. I would love to hear more about the online video editing he was talking about. My own experiences with kdenlive have not been that good, for whatever reason.
Comment #4 posted on 2021-01-17 10:16:17 by Reto

I like the concept

There was the Blog and then the Podcasts. Soon after VBlogs (Videoblogs) came up. While a podcast is/was to me a conversation between two or more people, the content on HPR is to me 96% more like an A-Blog (Audioblog). While hearing Ken & Dave asking for more content, I would like to do that, but do I want to do a Podcast or an A-Blog? So, although they were not speaking with eachother, I liked the concept and content.

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