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hpr2387 :: Free Weights and a Bicycle

Frank discusses his life-long love for free weights

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Hosted by Frank Bell on 2017-09-26 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.
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Frank discusses his long experience with trying not to get fat by using free weights and a bicycle. Free weights are, without question, the geekiest form of exercise, having a versatility and flexibility unmatched by any alternative.

Here are some sample programs:

Sample Programs:

  • Procedure: 3 sets × 8 reps, increasing to 10 reps, then add five pounds and start over with 8 reps.

  • Exercises (* = requires bench, **= bench desirable):

    • Program One: Leg Raises,* Leg Curls,* Dumbbell Flies,** Barbell Curls, Triceps Pull-Overs, Forward and Reverse Wrist Twists (using pipe with rope to raise and lower weights)

    • Program Two: Dumbbell Lunge, Bench Press,* Bent-Over Rows, Dumbbell Kickbacks, Zottman Curls, Forward and Reverse Wrist Curls

    • Program Three: Half Squats, Bench Press, Concentration Curls, Dumbbell Kickbacks, Forward and Reverse Wrist Curls.

As stated in the podcast, Frank has not found many weight-training websites appealing. The websites tend to be for fanatic bodybuilders or for pitching products. This one, though, has a pretty good catalog of exercises: Note that the same exercise may be known by several names, depending on the speaker.

Free Weights:

Free Weights

A bicycle:

A bicycle


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Comment #1 posted on 2017-11-07 14:12:47 by bjb

5BX and 10BX, memory lane

When I was a pre-teen, my Mom bought a 5BX booklet and 3 10BX booklets, one for each member of the family. I was never good at being a regular exerciser, but my Mom has done her 10BX routine her whole life. She eventually lost her book, but she still does her routine three times a week. She is not tapering off though, still stuck at the highest level she got to. She is not growing old willingly : -) What a memory! thanks for the show.

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