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hpr3832 :: How I left Google behind

2023-04-11. 00:30:13. Clean. general.

Just an overview of what services I now use to replace previously used Google services

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hpr3825 :: Creating a natural aquarium

2023-03-31. 00:38:30. Clean. general.

Setting up your first natural, self-sustaining freshwater aquarium

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hpr3475 :: How I Watch Everything Using Open Source Software

2021-11-26. 00:14:38. Clean. general.
libreelec,kodi,raspberry pi,tvheadend.

Using Libreelec, Kodi, a tuner, and a Raspberry Pi to create a great media center

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hpr2780 :: My SBC Nextcloud Install Pt. 1 - Hardware

2019-03-29. 00:22:55. Clean. general.
nextcloud,single board computer,home server,sbc,arm.

How I built my self-enclosed Nextcloud server using a single board computer and a RAID enclosure

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