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Keith Murray

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hpr3976 :: The Evolution of Windows' Snipping Tool

2023-10-30. 00:05:48. Clean. general.
software, screenshot, screen capture, technology, utilities, windows.

KD gives some history of the evolution of screenshot capabilities on Windows.

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hpr3952 :: Making the Case for Markdown

2023-09-26. 00:06:44. Clean. general.
markdown,plain text,writing,text editors,file formats.

Keith discusses the background and applications for Markdown.

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hpr1532 :: Project Idea - White-Hat Spam Bot

2014-06-17. 00:15:59. Clean. general.
social media,schedule,distribution.

Knightwise and Keith discuss their fledgling open-source project to manage social media promotion.

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hpr1488 :: What's on My Podcatcher

2014-04-16. 00:18:36. Clean. Podcast recommendations.

Keith Murray talks about his favourite podcasts

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hpr1394 :: Setting Up Your Own Blog

2013-12-05. 00:11:37. Clean. general.
blog,Apache,nginx,Wordpress,Joomla,Drupal,Jekyll,"Second Crack",Markdown.

Keith Murray talks about the things you need to consider when setting up your own blog.

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hpr1384 :: How I Got Into Linux and OSS

2013-11-21. 00:11:03. Clean. How I got into tech.
"Red Hat",Audacity,Notepad++,Windows7,Ubuntu.

New HPR podcaster Keith Murray shares how he came to the Linux and OSS world.

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