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New episodes Monday through Friday.

So you want to do a podcast ?

Well you've come to the right place. Our goal here at HPR is to make it as easy as possible for you to get a podcast released. We take care of the hard bits so you don't need to. Recording your first show is always a daunting prospect but over 408 people like yourself have done it and so can you.

1. Stuff you need to know

More information.

2. Select a Topic

The first thing you will need to do is decide on a topic for your show. You might already have an idea but if not you can have a look at our Archive page for examples of shows people have recorded in the past. You can also look at our Requested Topics, or our Series page to see if you can add your knowledge to the pool.

If you are worried that your show may not be of interest to Hackers then follow this link to check if it is.

If you can't think of anything to talk about then please just record a show telling us how you got into tech as a way to introducing yourself to the community.

3. Record your show

Please select more detailed information on how to record a show:

Don't forget to introduce yourself in your show.

4. Upload your show

Once you have your audio ready you can post your show by going to the Calendar page or press the ⇧Upload⇧ button.

After you have selected a date you will be redirected to the request page, where you will be asked to select your show and email address. We will send a link to where you can upload your show to this address and so it must be a valid working address that you can access quickly. We intend to use GPG to speed up the validation of hosts, so you may wish to use an email address that has an associated public key available on public key servers.

More Information.

Questions ?

Got any questions not covered here, then just email "admin" at "", and we’ll get in touch with you with all you need to know about getting your show published.
You can chat with other podcasters using IRC in the #oggcastplanet channel on the network. Follow us on (use the tag !hpr) and on Twitter (use the tag #hpr). We have a Facebook and LinkedIn group, so please join and spread the word.

Still Nervous

Fellow listeners like yourself contribute the shows and so we all know how hard it is to do that first show. You're probably worried that we won't like the topic. Well don't be, have a look at our archive to see how diverse the contributions have been. You're probably worried about the quality of your audio, that you sound funny, that English isn't your native language, that you suffer from a speech impediment, that your show has loads of ummms and awws in it, well don't be. We have plenty of hosts that fall into all these categories but continue to produce great shows.

At the end of the day the show is about the content and not the quality of the audio. That's not to say we won't help you with ways to improve the audio if you wish, or narrate your script if you can't or won't record it yourself. Drop into the IRC channel #oggcastplanet where there are people who will help.

Our Mottos

Any audio is better than no audio.
Any topic of intrest to hackers.
It ain't a show unless it's on the server.
If you tell us you are doing a show, then you owe us a show.

You don't need anyones permission to upload a show, but if you have any questions then drop into the #oggcastplanet channel on freenode and chat with a live person 24/7.