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Cedric De Vroey

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hpr4138 :: Linux Gaming: Factorio

2024-06-12. 00:07:49. Clean. general.

A weekly show on which I talk about a game that I'm playing. Linux games only.

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hpr4135 :: Mining the web

2024-06-07. 00:15:14. Clean. general.
docker, redis, hacking, mongodb, scraping, dns, certificate-transparency.

In this episode I talk a bit about a project I have been working on to index the web.

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hpr3183 :: Don't trust zipfiles

2020-10-14. 00:04:37. Clean. Privacy and Security.

Zipfiles can contain all kinds of evilness and unpacking them can lead to unexpected results

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hpr3158 :: Fingerprint access control? LOL...

2020-09-09. 00:20:01. Clean. Privacy and Security.

A story about pentesting physical security

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hpr3144 :: Pentesting: Insecure Object Reference

2020-08-20. 00:12:06. Clean. Privacy and Security.

How an insecure object reference lead to a covid-related databreach

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