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hpr4167 :: Removing another obstacle to recording an HPR show

2024-07-23. 00:05:04. Clean. general.
Text-to-speech, TTS, Recording methods.

Not everyone is comfortable speaking to an audience directly. Beeza addresses this problem.

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hpr3542 :: The Worst Car I Ever Had

2022-03-01. 00:10:51. Clean. general.
Cars, automobiles.

Beeza releases 30 years of frustration about a particularly dreadful car he once owned.

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hpr3278 :: A Minor Victory Against Designed-In Obsolescence

2021-02-24. 00:08:33. Clean. general.
Ipad, Apple, Obsolescence, IOS, Hardware.

Extracting a bit more life out of a device that Apple would rather have you dump

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hpr3212 :: A Pi Model 3B as your daily driver? You must be joking.

2020-11-24. 00:12:35. Clean. general.
Raspberry Pi, Software Review.

Beeza's laptop is away being fixed. Can he manage for a few days using just his Raspberry Pi 3B?

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hpr2863 :: Simplified application architectures for improved security

2019-07-24. 00:15:55. Clean. general.
Application development, Application architecture, Security.

A thought experiment in whether reducing runtime dependencies can improve security and how to do it.

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hpr2420 :: Netbooks - Keeping an old friend alive

2017-11-10. 00:16:19. Clean. general.
Netbooks, Raspbian, Distros.

Why netbooks are not necessarily obsolete and how to keep them performing well

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hpr2365 :: Rolling out a radio-based internet service in rural England

2017-08-25. 00:19:36. Clean. general.
Internet, ISP, BT, Wireless Networking, Infrastructure, rural.

One person's quest to get a decent internet connection when the big corporations aren't interested.

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hpr1707 :: A tour round my desktop

2015-02-17. 00:47:01. Clean. general.
Desktop, applications, software, Linux.

A look at the applications I use, why I use them and the alternatives I've tried.

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hpr1514 :: Give The Small Guy A Try

2014-05-22. 00:12:10. Clean. general.
Libre Office,mhWaveEdit,Decibel Audio Player.

Beeza and seeing if there is software which may suit your needs better than the mainstream

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hpr1252 :: The Long Road To Linux

2013-05-21. 00:31:35. Clean. general.
minicomputer,daisywheel,"winchester disk",FORTRAN77,"DEC VAX",VMS,VAXcluster,"IBM AS/400".

Beeza has been in the IT world for a long time

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