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hpr4155 :: GNU sleep tips

2024-07-05. 00:09:58. Clean. general.
cli,command line,linux.

Deltaray gives an overview of the sleep command and some uses for it.

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hpr4096 :: Powers of two

2024-04-15. 00:17:04. Clean. general.

A story and discussion around how knowing powers of two can be useful

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hpr4095 :: Twenty seven years of Linux

2024-04-12. 00:44:40. Clean. general.

Deltaray rambles on for 45 minutes and over exaggerates about how awesome it is to use Linux

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hpr4047 :: Change your passwords once in a while

2024-02-06. 00:15:38. Clean. general.
passwords,security,cybersecurity,passphrases,password managers,advice.

Deltaray provides compelling arguments for why you should change your passwords periodically

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hpr4043 :: Uncommon Commands, Episode 1

2024-01-31. 00:10:16. Clean. general.
cli,command line,linux,uncommon commands.

A summary of the three command line commands, look, shuf, and xargs

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hpr4041 :: Using grepcidr to find IPs in a netblock

2024-01-29. 00:11:20. Clean. general.
cli,command line,linux,sysadmin,networking.

An introduction to the grepcidr command, which makes finding IPs from a netblock in log files easier

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hpr3998 :: Using open source OCR to digitize my mom's book

2023-11-29. 00:30:47. Clean. general.

How I used open source tools such as gphoto2 and the OCR software tesseract to digitize pages

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hpr3815 :: The UNIVAC Uniscope - The first terminal with a video monitor

2023-03-17. 00:39:05. Clean. general.
computer history,terminals.

Hear about the Uniscope 300 mainframe terminal from 1964.

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hpr3751 :: Using Noisetorch

2022-12-19. 00:07:07. Clean. general.

Noisetorch is a program for Linux that creates a virtual microphone that removes background sounds.

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hpr3749 :: Making your own parts

2022-12-15. 00:14:15. Clean. general.
3D printing,DIY,Maker,microphones.

3D printers are useful for making your own custom parts and I talk about the parts I've made.

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hpr870 :: Computer Memories

2011-12-02. 00:26:29. Clean. general.
Apple Lisa,TRS-80,Commodore 128,Amiga 2000.

Deltaray looks back at his early computer experiences

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hpr865 :: Desktop Transparency

2011-11-24. 00:14:44. Clean. general.
"free software",rxvt,"background image","transparent background",Enlightenment,"translucent window",Berlin.

The history of Desktop Transparency

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